Alchemist Life Success Stories
Simon Moody

Joanne Reiling, 30
Alchemist Life helped me get into the best shape possible for my summer wedding. 

 I had lost some weight through normal dieting and exercising but struggled to keep it off. I saw the results other clients had achieved from training with Ronan and Daire , so thought I’d give it a try.

Alchemist Life helped me maintain my focus on dieting with weekly weigh-ins, and with daily workout times booked in, there was no chance I could avoid the hard work needed to achieve my goals. I did the body transformation program and dropped nearly 2 dress sizes, with 8 weeks to go until my wedding I decided to move onto H.I.T Squad to maintain my weight loss , especially on my arms (nobody wants bingo wings on their wedding day).

With H.I.T. Squad I managed to get another few pounds off and get down that extra dress size in time for the big day. Ronan and Daire were really great at keeping me motivated and on the right track. 

I would never have achieved the results I wanted without their help and expertise. They were really supportive with any questions or problems I had, helping with things like changing my diet when my weight loss slowed, creating workouts to suit an existing injury I had and suggesting extra workouts to help get my fitness level up further.

Thank you Ronan and Daire, for helping me achieve great results for my wedding day and teaching me how to get fit and lose weight the healthy way. Joanne Reiling
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Paul Thompson,
The AL guys have helped me in so many ways, and on so many different fronts trying to convey all of that into a short paragraph is difficult……..Where to start??

After already having had one bout of open heart surgery, last year it was proposed to me “….how do you feel about another operation?”. 

Faced with this daunting prospect on the horizon I decided to stop messing around with my fitness, and set myself a goal of getting in the best physical condition I could. 

Firstly, in an attempt to ward off the need for surgery, but more likely to give myself the best possible chance of surviving the surgeon’s knife! 

Training with the AL boys has been a pure pleasure. The training has been hard, yet enjoyable, working to the maximum of your ability with routines that would be completely outside of what I considered the norm. Each session was different in its own right, and both Daire, and Ronan conduct the classes in their own unique styles which keeps you on your toes!

I can recommend the AL courses and lifestyle plans, they have opened my eyes, provided achievable goals, and helped with keeping my sanity in some pretty insane times!
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Anna Harding, Capital Radios' 'News Anna'
"My journey with Ronan and Daire, aka Alchemist Life, started in January 2013. The standard time of year after Christmas when you know you've over indulged and skinny jeans are no longer your friend. But from the start I knew this wasn't just going to be your average new year health kick. 
For me, the over-indulging had been going on a lot longer than just Christmas, which was why I'd reached a weight that made me grimace every time I caught my reflection in the mirror.
I am a yo-yo dieter. I always have been. I love my food and I'm an absolute carb-junkie. Also, working odd hours for my job just serves to exacerbate the problem further. I'm a journalist reading the news on the Breakfast Show with Bodg, Matt and JoJo on Capital which means 4:30am starts every day. Because of the nature of news I can never guarantee what time I'll get finished and this means eating on the fly - grabbing a pre packed snadwich / bag of crisps / whatever I can get my hands on.
I've lost weight before using the usual commercial groups you see advertised, but it never stayed off. I realised it was time to really do something about it and that's where Alchemist Life came in.
After an initial chat with the lads about my schedule, eating habits and (practically non-existent) exercise regime, I embarked on my journey that has not only transformed my body into something I can be proud to show in a bikini, but also changed the way I think.
Once the diet came through I realised I was going to have to reduce my sugar and carb intake and be more aware of what I was putting in my body. I'm not gonna lie, I was terrified! It did take a bit of getting used to but I finally realised that before I started with Alchemist Life I was eating too much, too often and all of the things my body didn't need or want. Having completed the 12 weeks my eating habits have completely changed.
On the training side of things I was very dubious about going into a gym and using weights. Girls don't lift weights. Not unless they're super fit body builders right? Wrong. Over the course of the 12 weeks I was constantly suprised at how much I could do. I never aimed to get muscly, I just wanted to tone up, and I definitely did. At last count I lost 5 inches round my waist. Both of the guys are so supportive and encourage you every step of the way.
Going to the gym and working out used to be a chore, now I look forward to it and feel a bit lost if I miss a session. Before I started with Alchemist Life I used to tell myself I didn't have time to get to the gym, but now I make time to go.
Following the 12 week programme has been a real eye opener to what you can achieve if you really put your mind to it and I couldn't be happier with my results. I've learnt so much from the 12 week programme. Having seen what I've achieved in 12 weeks I'm excited to see what more I can achieve in 12 more weeks. For me this is now an ongoing challenge"
Anna Harding 
Andrew Stirling
"I've trained at Gym Etc for years before that at other gyms, when I've been at Gym Etc, I've noticed alchemist training numerous amounts of people of all ages and personally seeing their results, on their website, I thought I'd give it ago. 

So in October I started enquiring and booked up a slot for the beginning of January as November and December are full of eating and Xmas. 

My biggest doubt about training with the lads was probably feeling a bit daft getting trained off someone after I've trained so long by myself but to be honest once I started with them it was they opposite, lots of people in the gym were asking me how it was going. 

Just before you start with them they give you a nutrition plan and providing you stick with it you'll see in my case weight loss quite quickly, but the diet and the training isn't easy at times it can be tough but the lads will push you in all the right directions, if you have any questions for them at any time of the day they'll always get back to you with an answer. 

The benefits I've had with them is I feel a lot sharper and more confident with myself. When I was on my 12 weeks training, my work sent me away a couple of times on courses for a few days but I thought it would be a problem but the lads just advised me on what to eat when I was away to keep things right. 

Training with alchemist has been really good, they can have a laugh at times and can be strict when they need to be. I would recommend it or advise anyone to give it ago, there will be a few ups and downs as its not easy at times but if your committed and want to see some good results with your health and the way you look, then give it a shot. 

My 12 weeks are finished now but now my goal is to put some good clean size on and they said they'll point me in the right direction, so I can't ask any more than that. Cheers lads."
Andrew Stirling
Hayley Eltringham
"My biggest fear about signing up to my body transformation journey was actually having to do something of which I had no knowledge of in front of strangers. 

I had seen some of the alchemist posters around the gym with pics of people's before and after shots from previous courses which gave me the push to train with alchemist. 

Very quickly I started to feel much fitter and stronger. I lost about a stone in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes. My energy levels increased massively, as did my confidence. I felt the best I've ever felt both physically and mentally. 

I work full time and have an 8 year old little boy, so in the past I felt like I had no time or energy to work out as often as I should. When I met with Ronan and daire they worked to times and days that suited my lifestyle and I soon got in a routine that has stuck, even to this day. 

I absolutely loved working with alchemist life. I now feel that I have the knowledge of what exercises to do and why, and also how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Alchemist Life made working out very enjoyable but very effective at the same time. 
I would definitely recommend other people to sign up. They help you make your dreams of being fit, healthy and looking good possible! 
Hayley x

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Phil Garner
"After many frustrating years in the gym, achieving very little, I decided that if I truly wanted what I had been aiming for, I needed to take an active step in achieving it and seek some professional advice and assistance. 

After reading their methods and philosophy, seeing their past client transformations, and a subsequent meeting with the lads, I knew that Alchemist could offer the services and support I needed to progress.

Daire and Ronan offer expert, personalised training and nutrition services with a discernibly more well rounded approach than I’ve seen elsewhere. The training and diet programmes were specifically tailored, monitored and adjusted, in line with the specifics of my lifestyle to achieve the best possible results for me.

After 9 months of working with the lads, I am now 3 stone down, appreciably stronger, well toned, I wake up feeling more energised and am making obvious, measurable, ongoing progress in my sessions. Not only has this programme changed my body, but it’s also changed my lifestyle, with an ultimately healthier and more driven approach.  

Most importantly, Daire and Ronan are great guys, easy to get on with and consistently do anything and everything to help you on your journey. I can’t recommend there services enough."

Laura Donnelly
"In March, I made the decision to train with Ronan and Daire and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

I was in the middle of my first year as a primary school teacher, I felt like my life was consumed by work and had lost all motivation in the gym. After looking at Alchemist’s website and seeing their amazing results my partner and I decided we needed to sign up.

 At first I was sceptical that I would be able to fit in the sessions with my increasing workload, and it was hard at times, but once I started I didn’t want to stop. I enjoyed every minute of my journey. I trained three times per week before work and I thoroughly enjoyed every training session with Ronan and Daire. 

Their nutrition plan was perfect for my busy lifestyle, real food that tastes good and was easy to prepare. The training and nutrition has had a number of positive effects .Apart from loosing 26lbs and dropping two dress sizes, my skin has improved, I have tons more energy and sleep all the through the night (this never happened before). 

Training with Ronan and Daire really has changed my life and I would recommend them to anyone who wants results. They helped me overcome issues with time management and were always flexible at times when I couldn’t make sessions. 

I have used personal trainers before but have never felt as comfortable or satisfied as I did whilst training with Alchemist. Their friendly personalities made training a joy. If you’re looking to get fit and change your life, look no further."
Laura Donnelly

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